‘It’s just crazy that we were talking about slasher movies in Language Arts’

Hello lovelies, I have something a little different for you today….

I bring you my first Saucy Series review. Exciting times we live in. I am one of those people who will sit in bed for hours/days binge watching a series on Netflix. I’m not ashamed because I’ve seen some awesome stuff. In particular Scream, the series I watched this week.

This is a Netflix Original series so if you don’t have Netflix I apologise, you can’t watch it, but you never know it may be in some dark corner of the Internet for you. It’s based on the Scream movies but has been modernised and I have to say it turned out pretty well in my view.

What it is:

A YouTube video goes viral in the small town of Lakewood which acts as a catalyst to a stream of teenage murders based on a horror story from the town’s past. It revolves around our main G, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), who is highly caught up in the twisted plot and must save herself and her friends before they are killed. Dramatic stuff.

The series is currently only one season long, I’m hoping for more. It’s hella’ gory so if you’re not into that I don’t recommend this just to let you know know.

What I liked about this series was that it’s ultra modern but still has all the aspects of a classic horror movie. For example a lot of the drama and chaos is caused through technology which is creepy because it could feasibly happen.

All the characters are awesome in their own way; sometimes they can be a tad melodramatic but we can look past that. My particular favourite was Maggie Duval, Emma’s mother (played by Tracy Middendorf); she gives a great performance as a mother but also as someone wounded and haunted by her past.

It wasn’t easy to guess who the murderer was throughout the series, my guess changed a few times which is good because you’re kept in the dark so it’s just as big a reveal to you as it is to the characters at the end. It’s full of jump scares and tense/eerie music and slick editing to make us terrified like the characters. I, on more than one occasion, had to have it on mute to lighten the fear I was feeling.

There’s a lot of blood in this series and it all looks natural on the whole. It’s shot well in a really nice setting too.

Some reviews that I’ve read say it’s better than the original films, I’ll let you decide that for yourself. I loved the series so much that I watched it in about 4 days. It’s seriously worth a watch, an awesome horror series.  I give it an 8/10 rating.

Here is the trailer to get your taste buds tingling: