“Just Keep Swimming”


I’M BACK! Haven’t had the chance to sit and watch a full movie in so long and what a way to be back with Finding Dory! Boy … ya’ll have a treat in store when it finally comes out in July!!

I don’t need to explain that this is the sequel to Pixar’s Finding Nemo, and I promise I won’t give any spoilers away in this review!

The film is directed by Andrew Stanton,  Angus MacLane and written by  Andrew Stanton

Let’s get down to it.

The Narrative

I’ll keep this brief so as to not give much away. Finding Dory is set one year after the plot of Finding Nemo and Dory is living with Marlin and Nemo and enjoying life with them. Dory starts having fragmented dreams/memories of life as a child and realises that she used to have a family. From here she goes on a journey to find her parents and comes across many obstacles along the way and makes a lot of friends whilst doing so.

I enjoyed the narrative of this sequel as it focuses on Dory “finding herself”. At first I was a bit sceptical and thought the opening could have been better but once you get into the narrative properly it does get better! It has a fast pace which works well as it doesn’t linger where it doesn’t need to.

There is a lot of humour in the film; I wasn’t falling off my chair laughing but did crack a smile a number of times throughout. It’s light-hearted but with some serious undertones such as a few jabs at SeaWorld. The humour and whole feel of the film is very similar to Finding Nemo which I think is a good thing as Pixar haven’t tried to turn it into something completely new for a younger generation.

I read a few reviews before starting my own and some haters have said that it’s not scientifically correct etc. It’s a fricken kids’ film for crying out loud! – Take a chill pill, it’s about the story, not the scientific background if you ask me.

Some parts of the narrative could have been cut or moved along quicker but for a kids’ film which it primarily is, it’s a decent narrative.


I’m not really into animation films as I think animation in this day and age is too overdone and prefer older styles of animation. But, thankfully, Finding Dory‘s animation is pretty much identical to Finding Nemo and has been created incredibly well. Good job Pixar.

I love the detail that is put into every scene and character, even when you see ten identical fish, there’s something slightly different about each one which I think shows a lot of care and dedication to the craft of animation. I especially love baby Dory – the most adorbs thing I have ever seen!!


All of the voice-overs in Finding Dory are awesome. Ellen DeGeneres who voices Dory (obvs) is just as brilliant as she was in Nemo; her characterisation is identical to that in the first film and I couldn’t fault her in this.

Then of course Albert Brooks and Hayden Rolence voice Marlin and Nemo and again their performances are identical to those in the first film and I can’t fault them.

We meet a lot of funny characters in this film and in particular Hank, an octopus voiced by Ed O’Neill. He brings some dry and sarcastic humour to the film and O’Neill’s voice suits the character perfectly.

My favourite characters from the film are voiced by Idris Elba and Dominic West. They play two sea lions – Fluke and Rudder –  and bring some really comical moments to the film.

The Review

I really did enjoy this film. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it, but once you get into it, all of the reasons that you loved Finding Nemo then apply to Finding Dory.

I must admit, some jokes/scenarios are repeated a little too often and it gets a bit samey in parts. Also a lot happens in the film so it’s a little hard to keep up at points where it gets frantic.

I hate making the decision that a sequel is better/worse than the first film because they are two completely different films. Finding Dory is created in the same style, humour, narrative and animation as Finding Nemo but is its own film and is different. Also each person will view it differently.

I would say, don’t go to watch it with super-high expectations because there will always be things you don’t like. But go with an excitement to see a new chapter in this story and go with a light-hearted and uplifting approach.

Young kids will love this film as it takes them into a whole new world and I like the simplicity that this franchise creates a magical world in the ocean. Something that we take for granted and forget the beauty of. Adults and teens who grew up with Finding Nemo will also greatly enjoy the film but I think people will be sceptical when comparing it to Finding Nemo.

I rate Finding Dory 8/10. It’s fun and a great movie, not the best narrative-wise but an easy and uplifting watch.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and let me know what you make of the film when it’s released!!

Here’s the trailer: