‘Say bye to Room, Ma.’

Wagwan. Today’s review is for a movie a lot of you may have seen but I’ve only just had the chance to watch it! (Omg). But Room is the subject of talk today and I’m ready to go!

was released in 2015, was directed by Lenny Abrahamson and stars Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay.

The Plot

Room is about Joy (Brie), a young woman who was kidnapped at the age of 17 and was forced to live in a shed which is called Room. Two years later she fell pregnant whilst being held hostage and had a son called Jack (Jacob). Joy couldn’t face the heartbreak of bringing up her son knowing he was trapped so she led him to believe that everything outside room wasn’t real. They’re frequently visited by their captor Old Nick who is often violent and rude. After hearing that he’d been laid off at work, Joy decided that it was time for her and Jack to get out. From there we see how Jack learns about the world outside Room and how they both adjust to living a normal life.

The Acting

Brie as Joy is just brilliant. The love and warmth she shows towards her son is the sweetest thing I think I’ve seen on film. Her whole life continues just so she can see her son wake up each morning. We also see Joy’s darker side as she battles with depression once they are free. Brie does this excellently; it’s a heartbreaking performance to watch. Brie defo deserves the Oscar that she won for this!

Jacob who plays Jack is THE most adorable kid ever and fits the role perfectly. After living in the situation that he has lived in, he is still so innocent and has such an inquisitive and happy outlook on life. I really think Jacob can go places after this!

Another actor to note is Joan Allen who plays Joy’s mum; her role is fairly minor but she creates such a wonderful grandmother to Jack and it’s really heartwarming.


The film is shot beautifully, it really captivates the beauty of life that Jack sees. There are a lot of close-ups so we see every emotion on the actors’ faces and it is just faultless.

The music is subtle which is always the best and is accompanied by a lot of non-diegetic sound (sound effects for non-filmy folk!). The sound designers have layered them up so well to crescendo moments of tension.

Editing is also tip-top. It’s slick, its pace varies depending on what mood the scene is and the film doesn’t feel as long as the 1 hour 45 minutes it is.

The Review

What I loved most about this film is the way it felt real. I didn’t feel like I was watching some drama, I felt like I was participating in a real life event. The bond between Joy and Jack that Brie and Jacob have created under Lenny’s direction is sublime. There were so many points where I was in tears, be it sad or happy ones, because of that bond. Even though the basis of the film is ugly, it is truly beautiful and I know that sounds cringe-worthy. But trust me, beautiful it is. It’s made incredibly well which is a great bonus too. I have no hesitation in giving it a 10/10 and believe it deserves all of the high praise it has received!

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