The other day I saw the newest Sacha Baron Cohen film Grimsby. I had really high expectations for this film as I love his other work such as Borat etc. but was quite disappointed!

The Plot

The film is about Nobby, a Grimsby lad living off benefits and obsessed with football. All his life he’s been searching for his long-lost brother (Mark Strong). Mark is a secret agent who is currently trying to stop an assassination happening at a humanitarian event. A friend of Nobby finds out this info and Nobby goes on his way to re-connect with his brother. Ultimately, though, he ruins his brother’s career as they go on the run together.

The Acting

I do admire Sacha for how extreme his characters are and for how unafraid to push boundaries he is. I thought Nobby was a funny characterisation but his humour got a little samey after a while.

Mark Strong plays the same role as he always does, which I’m not complaining about as he does it well. It was cool to see him embracing some humour in this role too.

The star for me really was Rebel Wilson who had quite a small role in the film. The 5-10 minutes that she was on screen was utterly disgusting but was also where I laughed the most in the entire film. Her role was absolutely vile and she killed it and nearly had me crying with laughter.

Penelope Cruz features in the film, but I didn’t think much of her performance – it was rather gimmicky and cheesy, which ain’t my thang.

The Film

The film itself would actually work better as an action film rather than a comedy as the basic narrative was quite interesting. But, as a comedy, it only offered a few bits that were truly funny.

The Review

I don’t really have much to gush about in this review. The film was well made and sorta funny but I wouldn’t rush to watch it again. I normally like Sacha Barron Cohen’s silly and OTT comedy but just didn’t feel it in this film. This isn’t to say it’s utter crap, but it’s not up there with his other work.

So there we go! A rather short review for me but I just thought this was a pretty standard comedy and nothing special. I rate it a 6/10!

Here’s a trailer if you are interested!!


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