“Can I use that swear word now?”

Allllrighty then … today, I bring you my first PYEOF, (poke your eyes out film).

I went out for a rather luuverly lunch and cinema trip the other week with friends and boyfriend. After stuffing myself to the brim at TGI’s we thought we’d go and see Inside Out, Disney Pixar’s latest movie … Now I’m not the biggest fan of cartoons as you can probably tell from my previous reviews. However, I was open to giving Inside Out a shot.

I’d watched the trailer before going which built it up to be something great (the two minute scene used is probably the best part in the whole film). But what a disappointment it turned out to be!

Let me explain the plot to those of you who haven’t seen it:

Riley is a young girl from Minnesota, she’s had a happy childhood with her parents. Her dad gets a new job in San Francisco, so they up sticks and move there. Upon moving they come across troubles such as the delivery van went to the wrong address, the house is rather manky etc. So the film is spent seeing how Riley adjusts to her new life. At the same time as all of this, we see inside Riley’s head which is run by Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Worry. Their job is to make sure Riley has a good life un-phased by catastrophic events.

Now this is where it gets stupid for me; inside Riley’s head, they’ve got this tube that carries Riley’s daily memories into “long term memory” for storage. Joy and Sadness accidentally get sucked up it along with Riley’s core memories (significant happy moments in her life). Anger, Worry and Disgust are left in control. This slowly destroys Riley’s personality as we see her tumble into a dark place where she’s deeply unhappy … So it’s a happy-clappy kids movie as you can tell. Joy and Sadness then face dilemma after dilemma (which are highly ridiculous)  whilst trying to return to “head quarters” to try and save Riley and her personality.

Time to rant:

To be quite honest with you, I’m not sure how this film got the 8.6/10 rating it got on IMDB … I’d give it half of that. Of course the quality of production and animation is great because it’s Pixar, but the narrative just lets the whole thing down. The story of Riley’s life falling apart is drowned out by Joy and Sadness being stuck and helpless in a fantasy land that they could easily get out of. The amount of disasters they face makes the film feel a hell of a lot longer than the 94 minutes that it is.

I went and saw Disney’s Big Hero 6 earlier on in the year and loved it; it had enough elements to be a kid’s movie but at the same time enough elements for it to be enjoyed by adults too. So I was expecting this when I went to see Inside Out. I think there were probably 3 jokes conveyable to an adult audience in the whole thing. So the rest of it is just mind-numbing to watch. But I don’t even think kids would enjoy this film as there’s just too much going on.

I’ve read reviews where people say this is Disney Pixar’s finest piece of work … Maybe we were seeing different films. The trailer shows a conversation between Riley and her parents having dinner, and in this sequence, we see inside her mother and father’s heads too. The parents’ emotions look and act like the parents which makes it funny whereas Riley’s aren’t like her at all … which I just don’t get. This scene is the scene I mentioned from the trailer which is humorous but after that it is doom and gloom I’m afraid. I also think if the whole film had been written so it flits between Riley and other people’s brains such as her parents, the whole thing would have been a lot better, rather than following Joy and Sadness’s troublesome and highly ridiculous journey.

I could rant and rant but I shall spare you all, but I just think it could have been written so much better if they’d tried it from a different angle. It was too confusing for a child and there was just not enough enjoyment factor for any audience. I rate it a 4.3/10.

If you’ve seen it and had a different or similar reaction to mine, I’d love to know what you think!

Here’s the trailer for a small glimpse of it:

2 thoughts on ““Can I use that swear word now?”

  1. Nadia

    I really enjoyed reading this it’s nice to here other opinions about Inside Out. I think I get where you’re coming from about it making sense and with Riley’s voices not really representing her like other peoples (a part of me wants to explain it away with the fact Riley hasn’t hit puberty/found herself/hasnt grown up etc etc but well, yeah that’s not really enough sometimes to just speculate and put your own explanation to it). I loved it though as it was such an interesting concept I thought. But yeah, Riley’s emotions seemed to be not like other people’s as they kind of were like her like her parents (and even the cats and dogs at the end which killed me. That’s so how I imagine cats would be). Also, yes Big Hero 6 is awesome, one of my favourite recent Disney films. I love Japan and anime though so that may be why I loved it loads, especially as lots of Japanese animation is aimed at adults which might have helped make the film more likeable by adults.


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