“This time travel crap, just fries your brain like a egg”


Hello! Apologies for not posting in a while, I’ve been living up my summer…A.K.A. Binge watching Dexter on Netflix … Whoops! But anyway, I am back and ready to review!

Today is another of my top films, it is an action/sci-fi hybrid starring the gorgeous Emily Blunt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. It was made in 2012 and directed by Rian Johnson.

I present to you …


Now the narrative’s a little tricky to explain but I’ll try my best. The film is set in the future and time travel is yet to be invented and when it is, is only available on the black market. Joe’s character who I believe is actually called Joe works for the mob and is a looper. A looper is basically a hit-man and when the mob wants rid of a looper they ‘close their loop’ by sending their future self back in time to be killed by their younger self. Then the looper is given a grand payday and 30 years to live. Joe is doing well and making lots of money and one day his ‘loop is closed’ when his older self (Brucey) is sent back to him. But Brucey is clever and gets away to carry out a mission of his own. Then from here it all kicks off and goes down. I shan’t reveal any more so I don’t give anything away!

So – my take on it – it’s awesome. When I’ve spoken to people about it though, hardly any people have heard of it which saddens me as it’s so, so good! It needs more recognition.

Joe plays a young Brucey and does it excellently; his interpretation of a younger Bruce is on top form. To achieve this Bruce recorded all of Joe’s lines and Joe learnt to mimic them all (perfectly I may add). Bruce’s character is dark and moody which makes things exciting as we see him battling with Joe for what each of them think is right. Emily Blunt plays a strong, independent woman (go girl!) who can handle herself and take on anyone who threatens her. The actor who plays her son is adorable and is a great actor for such a young kid.

The film has a balance of the future and our world today which makes it believable and more realistic in my opinion. I’m not a huge fan of films where the ‘future’ is full of flying cars and everything’s made of sterile, shiny metal. Rian’s impression of the future is realistic, which I like.

Special effects are always tricky and can make a film go from a 10 to a 2. But they are flawless in Looper. The scene I’ve posted at the end of the review demonstrates how good they are and is part of what makes the futuristic approach believable.

The soundtrack is also awesome. It’s all recordings of machines or objects made of metal and combined to make music. It gives the film vast amounts of tension and again fits in with it’s time setting.

Check out this clip:

Looper deserves a 10, no doubt about it. Please please watch it. It’ll give you the shivers, make your hair stand up on end and mess with your emotions. Watch it watch it watch it!


“Thunder Buddies For Life”



Director: Seth MacFarlane

Written by: Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild

Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Barth

Genre: Comedy – as you can almost certainly guess.

The Review:

I am a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane, so I knew that I’d be laughing throughout when I went to see Ted 2 yesterday. I will say here, right now, that if you’re not a fan of rude and inappropriate humour…do not go and see this film, I can tell you now it ain’t for you. If you don’t take things too seriously and want a laugh, see it, see it right now, today, it’s friggin’ hilair. I’d rate it a solid and good 8.5/10 and I’ll delve into why. Be prepared: I ramble on in this post, light reading goes out the window!

The Plot 

Ted 2 is set roughly 6 years after the first film and if you remember John (Marky Mark) was serious with Lori (minxy Mila); they got married but then get divorced and the film is based six months after that. Bye Bye Mila, unfortunately no more drooling over her boys and girls. Ted in the meantime has got pretty serious with his grocery store babe, Tammy-Lynn and they get married. Their relationship hits the rocks shortly after and to solve this they decide to start a family and have a baby. Obviously, with Ted being a stuffed toy, this brings its problems. They try finding a sperm donor, but let’s just say things get a bit messy … So they turn to adoption, which flares up a debate with the American Government that Ted is not a person but a piece of property. So for the remainder of the film, he fights for his right to be a person alongside Tammy-Leigh, John and Sam, their young lawyer (Amanda). Their journey is riddled with problems and laughs as you’d expect. 

Comical moments are non-stop in this film, I must mention in particular, a very funny homage to Jurassic park when they stumble onto a marijuana farm … Look out for that bit! The banter back and forth between John and Ted is slick, hilariously disgusting and awesome as ever. If you’re easily offended by such humour, no offence but stay at home.  

I’ve read other reviews that said there are too many jokes and not enough actually happening in the narrative which I disagree with, there’s a healthy selection of both. Check out the clips at the bottom of the review, it shows a few of the many comical parts of the film. 

At first I was saddened that Mila wasn’t to make a return to this sequel, but Amanda along with My love Morgan Freeman and cameos from other stars such as Liam Neeson and Tom Brady make up for it. Amanda was rather amusing whilst still being as cute as she is. Morgan Freeman is Morgan Freeman, I need not say any more about that. Liam Neeson’s brief cameo made me chuckle but I did notice other cinema viewers did not as much, Tom Brady’s storyline in the film is rather messed up yet side-splitting. 

I liked that this sequel had more of a narrative, Ted basically loses his whole life by being deemed a piece of property and fights to be seen as a person which added a bit of drama and can be very relatable to moments in history.  

The actual filming and editing of the movie cannot be faulted if you’re looking for a technical review and the sound track is emotive, bright and rather comic in itself.  

I like that Seth likes to push boundaries with his humour and tackles things that are messed up in today’s society through comedy, like he does in his other work such as Family Guy. My favourite part of the film is a character called Joy played by Cocoa Brown, she works at the grocery store with Ted and Tammy-Lynn and is pure genius. 

I do feel though that some parts could have been gone into further and were rushed, for example at the end, Ted’s case gets re-opened in court where they decide whether he’s a person or property. It’s brushed past rather quickly. But at the same time I understand that it’s a movie, not everything can be shown in real time other wise I’d be an old woman by the time I left the cinema. There are a few other examples of this that I noticed but wont go into but this is why I rated it an 8.5.  

A lot of people will try and compare it to the first film, which I get, but I’d say don’t. Yes it’s the same characters bla bla bla but it’s years in the future with changing times. I will say it is very similar to the first in many ways but also different, it’s its own film. I think people should go and view it with the mindset that I did – it’s a comedy, you’re there to laugh, so enjoy it. Some of you will love it like I did and some of you will hate it; but each to their own opinion. 

After so much reading, here are some visuals: 

A trailer which shows many comical parts from the film: 


and some inside clips:


I hope my sorta rambling review gives you an idea as to whether you’d like to go see it or not and if you do … let me know what you think of it! 


“This is from … Mathilda”


Top film number one: Léon: The Professional 

The basics: 

Directed by the legendary Luc Besson and made in 1994. Léon scores an 8.6/10 rating on IMDB (Bit stingy in my opinion! I personally would give it a solid 10.) It made $45.28 million in the US Box Office and £27 million in the U.K off of a $16 million budget. If you’re an action loving movie watcher this is the film for you.

Time for the lowdown:

I friggin’ love this film. Luc is a director who inspires me a great deal and this, to me, is one of his finest pieces of work. It tells the story of Mathilda, (a very young and adorbs Natalie Portman) whose drug dealing father is killed along with the rest of the family by his evil employer, Stansfield (Gary Oldman) who also happens to be a DEA agent. Mathilda manages to escape the massacre of her family and finds refuge with French hit-man, Léon (Jean Reno) and persuades him to take her on as his protégée so that she can seek revenge against Stansfield.

I first of all love this film because of the actors cast in it.  Natalie was just 14 when this film was made and she plays her role exceptionally. I must admit though it’s a tad weird as her character falls in love with the middle aged Léon in the film, (even more so in the special edition Director’s Cut) but we’ll overlook that, as it adds to the intrigue, narrative and originality for sure. Natalie is really believable as an actress and plays this young, frivolous yet wounded girl exceptionally well – it was her big break.

Then there’s Gary whose acting remains faultless in this film; his accent: on point, his crazy cop characterisation: on point. What I’m trying to say is he’s plain awesome in this film. Then we come to our protagonist himself, Jean Reno, playing Léon. He creates a highly reserved, gentle and protective character who brings some moments of great comedy to the film as we see Mathilda bring him out of himself as Léon.

I secondly love a good shoot-out, and was more than satisfied with the ones in Léon and if you dream of being a mobster in a parallel universe, this’ll make you dream it even more. Fight scenes in this are slick and explosive, without being overly ‘Hollywood’. 

This film is put in the crime thriller genre, but this hybrid brings so much more: you’ve got comedy, tragedy, and a little spark of f****d up romance…A little something for everyone. The film gains so much tension as it progresses that by the end of it you will literally be screaming at the screen or tearing your hair out which is another reason why I love it.

Some Visuals:

My favourite part of the film is this tiny snippet of Gary’s character losing his shit:

I feel genuinely on edge every time I see this scene and it gives me the shivers because he’s so damn evil.

Now here is the trailer for the film to get your tastebuds tingling for it. Do ignore the slightly hammy voice-over though.

I hope my ramblings have done this film justice and I hope that you watch it! It’s pure genius. If you happen to spot the DVD or a showing of it, trust me – go for it!




first photo: http://www.vvallpaper.net/2011/07/leon-professional-jean-reno.html

Gary Oldman clip: from Vlkoslak B‘s youtube page

Trailer: from LoveExposure‘s youtube page

second photo: http://www.vvallpaper.net/2011/07/leon-professional-jean-reno.html

‘You Had Me At Hello’

Hey! Welcome to the land that is my blog…I’m excited to share my love of all things film with you all.

A little about me…

My name’s Izzy Fitz, I’m obsessed with three things in life: pugs, food and films! I cannot get enough of any of them! I’m currently studying film production; then one day in the future, hopefully, I’ll pop up on your screens with a movie I’ll have written and directed…That’s the dream anyway, and as my homie, Stevie Tyler says: Dream until your dreams come true.

But anyway, enough about me, back to:

The blog almighty.

I’ll be sharing with you films that I love – old and new – my opinions of the latest cinema releases, films that you’ll love and films that’ll make you want to poke your own eyes out and any juicy film goss that I hear about. I’ll wax lyrical over a good film and take no prisoners if there’s a bad one. I’ll share with you people I’m inspired by too and hopefully give you a new insight into what films are out there in this wide wide world we live in.

Feel free to email in requests, questions and feedback once things get going, all is much appreciated.

So…Let us begin…

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