“There’s evil in the wood”


As it’s a dark rainy evening, I thought I’d watch a super scary horror film on my own. Tonight I’m reviewing The Witch, which came out in 2015 and soon to be released on DVD.

The Details:

  • Written and directed by Robert Eggers
  • Genre: mystical, period, horror
  • Running time: 93 minutes
  • Rating: R

The Plot:

In the 1630’s, New England was torn apart by fears of witchcraft. A family is exiled from their village and have to make a life for themselves in the wild. They struggle to grow enough food to support themselves which begins to split the family and things go further downhill when the youngest child Sammy goes missing. From there dark and spooky things occur.

The Acting

I didn’t know any of the actors which is quite refreshing as I wasn’t comparing the actors to previous roles.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Thomasin, the eldest child in the family. I really enjoyed her performance; sometimes people go too hammy and OTT in horror, but Anya’s portrayal is just right. Her accent is excellent and she ranges from the subtlest hints of emotion to fully fledged outbursts. A really talented actress and I hope she goes far!

Ralph Ineson plays William the father of the family. Ineson portrays a very gruff and moody character who is desperately holding onto his faith whilst his world falls apart. He really makes the role believable and was my favourite actor within the film.

Kate Dickie plays Katherine, the mother of the family and brings the hysterical element to the film and left me with chills after some scenes. Also Harvey Scrimshaw who plays young Caleb is also a really memorable performance.

The Soundtrack

I loved the soundtrack to this film. It’s really haunting through the use of discordant choral singing and strings. It really heightened the sense of fear and the unknown. So many small sound effects are also used in the film and the simplicity of them creates so much tension – I love it!

The Production

I thought the production of this film was ace. It was really interestingly shot with such good use of lighting. The editing was spot on, the tension and fear is created by slow reveals and giveaways which was done expertly!

The Review

I did really enjoy this film. It’s vibe  is a bit like The Crucible, with the spread of hysteria and fear about witches. But in this film there is actual cause for fear which adds to their hysteria. It’s also like A Field in England too as it’s eerie and freaky. Quite a few times I jumped really badly and did genuinely feel on edge throughout. But, I felt that the narrative wasn’t quite explained fully, we saw glimpses of the antagonist but were never given an explanation about them. This could have been the filmmakers intention –  to keep things ambiguous, but I felt that it was slightly too ambiguous.

I’d rate the film a 6/10, a fairly good horror film that’s made really well but needs more elaboration on the plot!

“Just live well. Just live.”


HAAAAIIII. Today I’m reviewing Me Before You, written by Jojo Moyes and directed by Thea Sharrock. It stars Emilia Clarke, Sam Caflin and Matthew Lewis.

The film was released on June 3rd and has a running time of 110 minutes.

The Plot

Lou Clark (Clarke) is a waitress in her 20’s living in a small town. unfortunately the cafe where she works is closing down, therefore she has to find a new job to help her family who are struggling financially. As a last ditch attempt, she takes a six month carer/nursing job, completely unaware of what she’s getting into.

Her job is to act as a friend to Will Traynor (Caflin) who is paralyzed from the neck down after a traffic accident. Their relationship doesn’t get off to a good start and it’s awkward but their friendship starts to bloom as various things happen. After learning that Will wants to take his own life, Lou embarks on a mission to make him change his mind as she develops feelings for him.  It is a sweet and potentially moving story that tackles the effects of drastic changes in ones life.

The Acting

Emilia Clarke creates a very bubbly, quirky characterization of Lou, some traits very similar to her own personality. Her character is likable and kind but I didn’t quite believe in it 100% of the time. One thing that bugged me was her accent – for most of the film she is well spoken and proper, but the odd word has a more common accent and it just doesn’t work. It just distracts you from what’s going on. I wouldn’t say it’s a show-stopping performance but she’s good for the role.

Sam Caflin plays a shut-off character who doesn’t want anyone’s help. He brings some of the funnier parts to the film as he’s quite witty. Then his character grows, he shows more emotion and gives more of a range of acting. I’d say he’s better than Clarke in this and has more of a challenging role which he does well.

Matthew Lewis to me was quite a pointless character, sounds harsh but the narrative could have done without it. He plays Pat, Lou’s boyfriend. He’s a personal trainer who is constantly letting Lou down etc. It’s just a boring and annoying role from the audience’s perspective. This isn’t a dig at Matt at all as he played the role well. I just thought it was bad writing.


The film was shot and edited nicely, all of the shots were clean and interesting. I couldn’t fault that. The soundtrack was good and worked well with the feel of the film … it features a lot of Ed Sheeran though but not complaining.

The Review

I thought the plot of this film had so much potential and I was expecting more from it. It’s a really sweet story but the dialogue and direction lets it down. There are so many cliche moments that just made me cringe! some scenarios are too stereo-typical and there wasn’t much “thinking outside of the box” in the writing process. This just got on my nerves after a while because it could have been so good!

Then some of the direction wasn’t too great either, there are moments where actions/lines could have been done in a different or better way. I don’t know if I’ve just become bitter and cold-hearted but I just felt let down by this film. The poor dialogue and direction detracts from a powerful and controversial (in parts) narrative. Everything about it was just ‘alright’… the acting wasn’t amazing, the dialogue was too literal and cheesy and the narrative could have been amazing but wasn’t! Over all I’d give Me Before You a 6.5/10. It is worth a watch but just don’t expect an Oscar worthy film!

“Just Keep Swimming”


I’M BACK! Haven’t had the chance to sit and watch a full movie in so long and what a way to be back with Finding Dory! Boy … ya’ll have a treat in store when it finally comes out in July!!

I don’t need to explain that this is the sequel to Pixar’s Finding Nemo, and I promise I won’t give any spoilers away in this review!

The film is directed by Andrew Stanton,  Angus MacLane and written by  Andrew Stanton

Let’s get down to it.

The Narrative

I’ll keep this brief so as to not give much away. Finding Dory is set one year after the plot of Finding Nemo and Dory is living with Marlin and Nemo and enjoying life with them. Dory starts having fragmented dreams/memories of life as a child and realises that she used to have a family. From here she goes on a journey to find her parents and comes across many obstacles along the way and makes a lot of friends whilst doing so.

I enjoyed the narrative of this sequel as it focuses on Dory “finding herself”. At first I was a bit sceptical and thought the opening could have been better but once you get into the narrative properly it does get better! It has a fast pace which works well as it doesn’t linger where it doesn’t need to.

There is a lot of humour in the film; I wasn’t falling off my chair laughing but did crack a smile a number of times throughout. It’s light-hearted but with some serious undertones such as a few jabs at SeaWorld. The humour and whole feel of the film is very similar to Finding Nemo which I think is a good thing as Pixar haven’t tried to turn it into something completely new for a younger generation.

I read a few reviews before starting my own and some haters have said that it’s not scientifically correct etc. It’s a fricken kids’ film for crying out loud! – Take a chill pill, it’s about the story, not the scientific background if you ask me.

Some parts of the narrative could have been cut or moved along quicker but for a kids’ film which it primarily is, it’s a decent narrative.


I’m not really into animation films as I think animation in this day and age is too overdone and prefer older styles of animation. But, thankfully, Finding Dory‘s animation is pretty much identical to Finding Nemo and has been created incredibly well. Good job Pixar.

I love the detail that is put into every scene and character, even when you see ten identical fish, there’s something slightly different about each one which I think shows a lot of care and dedication to the craft of animation. I especially love baby Dory – the most adorbs thing I have ever seen!!


All of the voice-overs in Finding Dory are awesome. Ellen DeGeneres who voices Dory (obvs) is just as brilliant as she was in Nemo; her characterisation is identical to that in the first film and I couldn’t fault her in this.

Then of course Albert Brooks and Hayden Rolence voice Marlin and Nemo and again their performances are identical to those in the first film and I can’t fault them.

We meet a lot of funny characters in this film and in particular Hank, an octopus voiced by Ed O’Neill. He brings some dry and sarcastic humour to the film and O’Neill’s voice suits the character perfectly.

My favourite characters from the film are voiced by Idris Elba and Dominic West. They play two sea lions – Fluke and Rudder –  and bring some really comical moments to the film.

The Review

I really did enjoy this film. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it, but once you get into it, all of the reasons that you loved Finding Nemo then apply to Finding Dory.

I must admit, some jokes/scenarios are repeated a little too often and it gets a bit samey in parts. Also a lot happens in the film so it’s a little hard to keep up at points where it gets frantic.

I hate making the decision that a sequel is better/worse than the first film because they are two completely different films. Finding Dory is created in the same style, humour, narrative and animation as Finding Nemo but is its own film and is different. Also each person will view it differently.

I would say, don’t go to watch it with super-high expectations because there will always be things you don’t like. But go with an excitement to see a new chapter in this story and go with a light-hearted and uplifting approach.

Young kids will love this film as it takes them into a whole new world and I like the simplicity that this franchise creates a magical world in the ocean. Something that we take for granted and forget the beauty of. Adults and teens who grew up with Finding Nemo will also greatly enjoy the film but I think people will be sceptical when comparing it to Finding Nemo.

I rate Finding Dory 8/10. It’s fun and a great movie, not the best narrative-wise but an easy and uplifting watch.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and let me know what you make of the film when it’s released!!

Here’s the trailer:

‘Say bye to Room, Ma.’

Wagwan. Today’s review is for a movie a lot of you may have seen but I’ve only just had the chance to watch it! (Omg). But Room is the subject of talk today and I’m ready to go!

was released in 2015, was directed by Lenny Abrahamson and stars Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay.

The Plot

Room is about Joy (Brie), a young woman who was kidnapped at the age of 17 and was forced to live in a shed which is called Room. Two years later she fell pregnant whilst being held hostage and had a son called Jack (Jacob). Joy couldn’t face the heartbreak of bringing up her son knowing he was trapped so she led him to believe that everything outside room wasn’t real. They’re frequently visited by their captor Old Nick who is often violent and rude. After hearing that he’d been laid off at work, Joy decided that it was time for her and Jack to get out. From there we see how Jack learns about the world outside Room and how they both adjust to living a normal life.

The Acting

Brie as Joy is just brilliant. The love and warmth she shows towards her son is the sweetest thing I think I’ve seen on film. Her whole life continues just so she can see her son wake up each morning. We also see Joy’s darker side as she battles with depression once they are free. Brie does this excellently; it’s a heartbreaking performance to watch. Brie defo deserves the Oscar that she won for this!

Jacob who plays Jack is THE most adorable kid ever and fits the role perfectly. After living in the situation that he has lived in, he is still so innocent and has such an inquisitive and happy outlook on life. I really think Jacob can go places after this!

Another actor to note is Joan Allen who plays Joy’s mum; her role is fairly minor but she creates such a wonderful grandmother to Jack and it’s really heartwarming.


The film is shot beautifully, it really captivates the beauty of life that Jack sees. There are a lot of close-ups so we see every emotion on the actors’ faces and it is just faultless.

The music is subtle which is always the best and is accompanied by a lot of non-diegetic sound (sound effects for non-filmy folk!). The sound designers have layered them up so well to crescendo moments of tension.

Editing is also tip-top. It’s slick, its pace varies depending on what mood the scene is and the film doesn’t feel as long as the 1 hour 45 minutes it is.

The Review

What I loved most about this film is the way it felt real. I didn’t feel like I was watching some drama, I felt like I was participating in a real life event. The bond between Joy and Jack that Brie and Jacob have created under Lenny’s direction is sublime. There were so many points where I was in tears, be it sad or happy ones, because of that bond. Even though the basis of the film is ugly, it is truly beautiful and I know that sounds cringe-worthy. But trust me, beautiful it is. It’s made incredibly well which is a great bonus too. I have no hesitation in giving it a 10/10 and believe it deserves all of the high praise it has received!


Hey! Today I tried something a little different and made a YouTube video review…I’ve just finished the series Suits so the vid is on that! Enjoy!



The other day I saw the newest Sacha Baron Cohen film Grimsby. I had really high expectations for this film as I love his other work such as Borat etc. but was quite disappointed!

The Plot

The film is about Nobby, a Grimsby lad living off benefits and obsessed with football. All his life he’s been searching for his long-lost brother (Mark Strong). Mark is a secret agent who is currently trying to stop an assassination happening at a humanitarian event. A friend of Nobby finds out this info and Nobby goes on his way to re-connect with his brother. Ultimately, though, he ruins his brother’s career as they go on the run together.

The Acting

I do admire Sacha for how extreme his characters are and for how unafraid to push boundaries he is. I thought Nobby was a funny characterisation but his humour got a little samey after a while.

Mark Strong plays the same role as he always does, which I’m not complaining about as he does it well. It was cool to see him embracing some humour in this role too.

The star for me really was Rebel Wilson who had quite a small role in the film. The 5-10 minutes that she was on screen was utterly disgusting but was also where I laughed the most in the entire film. Her role was absolutely vile and she killed it and nearly had me crying with laughter.

Penelope Cruz features in the film, but I didn’t think much of her performance – it was rather gimmicky and cheesy, which ain’t my thang.

The Film

The film itself would actually work better as an action film rather than a comedy as the basic narrative was quite interesting. But, as a comedy, it only offered a few bits that were truly funny.

The Review

I don’t really have much to gush about in this review. The film was well made and sorta funny but I wouldn’t rush to watch it again. I normally like Sacha Barron Cohen’s silly and OTT comedy but just didn’t feel it in this film. This isn’t to say it’s utter crap, but it’s not up there with his other work.

So there we go! A rather short review for me but I just thought this was a pretty standard comedy and nothing special. I rate it a 6/10!

Here’s a trailer if you are interested!!


My Top 5 Fav Films!

Thought I’d do something different today and give you a list of my favourite films for ya’ll to watch! These are all films where I loved the narratives but also have awesome production values and are made to a really high standard. To me they stand out among all the millions of films out there.

5. The Imitation Game


(2012, Morten Tyldum, Drama)

Based on the true story of Alan Turing who cracked the enigma code during the Second World War.

I had zero interest in this film when it first came out and reluctantly watched it months later on DVD. To my surprise the good rumours were true and it was bloomin amazing! The narrative is actually quite depressing when you think about it, but it’s such a genius film! It left me wanting to go invent some machine that changes the world and turned me into a ‘Cumberbitch’. It’s witty, tense, heartbreaking yet hilarious in parts. Defo worth a watch!

4. Sin City


(2005, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, Crime thriller)

Based in Basin City, we follow the story of three people mixed up in violent corruption.

This is a dark, dark film and highly twisted. But awesome. It’s got several narratives that all kinda come together. The whole thing is shot like a comic book making it visually shamazing. I’m a huge Rodriguez fan and think this is one of his masterpieces, he stays true to Frank Miller’s grungy style and flare. Bruce Willis is among the stars in this film and is siiiiiick…when is he not?! Elijah Wood also features and after seeing his performance you won’t be able to look at Frodo Baggins the same again.

3. Inglourious Basterds


(2009, Quentin Tarantino, Adventure war drama)

A plan to assassinate Nazi leaders in Nazi-occupied France during World War II is carried out but a group of Jewish U.S soldiers.

If you’ve never seen this, I’m sorry but we can’t be friends (joking, obvs). In my eyes one of Tarantino’s best films. It’s jam packed with a theatrics score, intense conversations and stomach curdling violence as you’d expect from Quent. Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz steal the show in this hilariously funny, violent and troublesome film. Each little segment of life that you see is arty and quirky or bloody and disgusting, the contrasts in this film are brilliant.

2. Silence of the lambs


(1991, Jonathan Demme, Horror/Thriller)

a young F.B.I cadet seeks help from a manipulative serial killer in order to catch another serial killer whose murders make your skin crawl.

A classic but I love it. Was hooked to this film when I first saw it. It’s grim and haunting but a complete work of art. Anthony Hopkins will forever freak me out because of his performance in this. Nowadays thrillers are kind of lame but this is full of genius scares and twists.

…Drum roll please…


1. Looper


(2012, Rian Johnson, Sci-fi)

the year 2074, mobsters send people they want rid of back in time to ‘loopers’ who kill and dispose of them. But Joe comes to learn things aren’t always easy when his future self is sent back to him to kill and escapes.

I’m not normally a sci-fi kinda gal, but this is one of many films that made me want to become a filmmaker. I always thought Joe Gordon Levitt was just a comedic actor but he blew me away in this film. He stars alongside Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis who also give outstanding performances.  The production is flawless and ingenious and creates such a cool vibe throughout. The story is full of action and power that leaves you exhausted at the end. It’s one of a kind among so many sic-fi’s that are all  practically the same. Also features the cutes but freakiest kid you’ll ever see. WATCH IT!

Of course I love many many more films but these are my top ones that I felt I should share!!! If you’ve watched any or do because of this post hit me up and let me know what you think of them!!


“I ain’t afraid to die anymore. I’d done it already”


SUPER HOT REVIEW TODAY. Last night I saw The Revenant directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. This is the film I’m convinced Leonardo DiCaprio will win an Oscar for. There’s no beating around the bush here, this film is a solid 10/10.

The Plot

The Revenant is set in the 1820’s on a fur trading expedition where a group of men have to flee their camp after being attacked by an indigenous tribe. A frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leo) has to lead them back home through the wilderness. Along the way Hugh is brutally attacked by a bear which breaks his leg and rips his throat. His team attempt to carry him along their journey but it proves too difficult. In the end their Captain (Domhnall Gleeson) offers money to two men who will stay with Glass until he passes away and they are to give him a proper Christian burial. Glass’s son Hawk (Forrest Goodluck) stays behind along with Bridger (Will Poulter) and John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Hawk and Bridger sincerely care for Hawk but Fitzgerald has other ideas and kills Hawk and leaves Glass for dead. Glass then travels 200 miles to seek revenge on the man who took his only son and left him for dead.

The Look

This film is so visually beautiful, Iñárritu shot the whole film using natural light, which only allowed him to film for an hour and a half a day. I’ve watched many interviews about this film and they spent their time filming in Canada and Argentina in horrific conditions. This really pays off because each frame is stunning. But this beauty is deceiving as there are so many dangers hidden within it as we see along Glass’s journey. I really liked the camera work in this film, it was very free and loose and slightly experimental but it really paid off.

Costumes and make up are outstanding in The Revenant, Glass’s body is practically rotting and make up artist Sian Grigg’s work creating this is astonishing. She’s just been nominated for an Oscar for her work in this film. Looking at some of the wounds she created made my stomach knot because they looked so excruciatingly painful.

The Soundtrack

I really picked up on the sound in this film, instead of having a constant score, Iñárritu chose to use natural sounds; in particular he liked to layer up whispers of Glass’s late wife. This made things slightly eerie, fitting in well with the surrounding, empty wilderness. There was an orchestral score in some parts but this was kept quite minimalist and wasn’t used too much which I think was a really good creative choice. An example of the lack of orchestral score is the infamous bear attack scene, there is no score in the background of this. All you can hear are Glass’s screams and the grunts and scratches from the bear. It’s really powerful because it makes it realistic and you can’t get distracted from the brutal attack occurring in front of you and there is a powerful silence behind it.

The Acting

Let’s start with our main man Leo; I cannot begin to imagine the physical strength he had to have for this film. He has to play a severely wounded character who can barely walk for most of the film whilst freezing in the middle of nowhere. He creates the pain of Glass exceptionally along with Glass’s determination and inner strength. –   I don’t think I’ve seen a better performance in many years. For this role he had to do wild things such as eating raw bison liver and sleeping in an animal carcass. If that’s not dedication to your job, I don’t know what is.

Secondly Tom Hardy gives a very good performance as Fitzgerald; his character is very gobby and not afraid to speak his mind. He brings an element of grit and defiance to the film creating a contrast with Glass. His character is quick and sly which Hardy puts across so well. Hardy and Leo’s characters have a big chase/fight scene at the end of the film which is shot and acted perfectly.

An actor who I’ve always loved is Will Poulter and his crazy eyebrows. He creates such an innocent and caring character as Bridger in this film – far different from all of the other men on the expedition who are only looking out for themselves. He is forced into situations that he hates and we see how his guilt eats away at him throughout the film.


I’d just like to kick off this part by saying that the uproar from Americans about the bear “molesting” Leo is complete rubbish. It is quite blatantly an attack to protect her young.

This is an exceptional film showing the brutality of life in the 1800’s. Each character acts violently and is only ever looking out for themselves. What I really liked is that the film didn’t stray from the simple plot of Glass seeking revenge for his son’s death. Along his journey he sees such terrible things but never stops to dwell on them and just carries on with his mission. It is an amazing story of survival and strength.

I can’t find much to criticise in this film because I think it is a great, experimental piece and it’s really inspiring as a budding filmmaker. What I liked most is the film had meaning which so many blockbusters lack nowadays. It is based on a true story and explores a large part of American history that is rarely talked about and I think it will inspire people to learn more about it.

The attention to detail is sublime and you can feel how much love and drive went into The Revenant. The crew and production team are in the thick of nature, embracing it to create something beautifully dark. For me, it will sit up there with my all time favourites. Simply amazing and I really hope it continues to do well at the awards.


“We got here from hard work, patience, and humility. “


Right, today’s review is the most recent Jennifer Lawrence film Joy directed by David O’Russel. I watched this the other day and thoroughly loved it. (Jlaw has just won a Golden Globe for her performance in this film. So if that doesn’t say it’s good, I don’t know what will!)

The Narrative

The film is loosely based on the life of Joy Mangano. Jlaw plays Joy, a 40 year old mum of two who lives in a cramped house with her kids, her mother, grandmother and ex-husband who lives in the basement. Her parents had a tough divorce when she was little so she gave up her dreams of being an inventor to look after her mum who spends her life sitting in bed watching soap operas. Her life is hectic and she seems to be the only one in the family who does anything. Queue Robert De Nero…he plays her father Rudy and has been dumped by his girlfriend so moves back into Joy’s hectic household. Long story short, Joy one day has the idea to invent a self-wringing mop and the film then follows her tough journey trying to make this happen.

The Acting

Now I am a big Jlaw fan; I think she’s incredible and enjoyed her performance in Joy. You can see how tired and fed-up Joy is from looking after her family, who never seem to help her back, but she still always offers a warm smile to her kids. She plays a really great mum and you see this come out later in the film when she’s trying to sell the mop to other mums. Her character is also incredibly feisty and tough and she loses her rag more than once, which is sometimes quite amusing. I thought Jlaw totally deserved the Golden Globe that she won for this film as she shows Joy’s transformation from a nervous, tired mum with a small idea to the biggest business woman of the time.

Bob De Nero gives an amusing performance; you can’t fault it and his character creates a lot of issues within the plot.

Mr Brad Cooper (yum) has a smaller role than I expected but it’s still an incredibly important one. He comes in for roughly the last third of the film. He plays Neil Walker and does his best to help Joy achieve her dream. For once he plays a character who is kinda a dick in parts which I think is good to see because all of his roles are usually ‘the nice guy’.

A particular favourite of mine was Joy’s mum Terry, played by Virginia Madsen. She brings a big element of comedy to the film and lightens the whole thing when it’s getting a little too much. I thought that was a particularly good casting choice.

The Look

The whole look and feel of the film is very Silver Linings Playbook (it is the same director after all) if you’ve seen that. But that’s not a bad thing; it makes the whole film slightly quirky and cool but also retro which I really loved.  Joy also has a great soundtrack that really fits in with the time of the film, drawing you into the world obsessed with shopping channels.

The Review

As you can tell I loved the film, but can see how it’s not for everyone. It is about 2 hours long and you really have to stay focused to pick up on each little detail. If you’re someone who doesn’t like a lot of dialogue then Joy is not the best option for you. Looking around, the film hasn’t been getting the amazing reviews that I expected, but each to their own I suppose!

I can’t fault Jlaw’s performance but upon reading about the real life story of Joy I found it odd that Jlaw (who is 25) had been cast as a 40 year old as she blatantly isn’t 40. There were parts that I wish the director had explored further or made into a bigger deal, but I have to accept that you can’t include everything as a filmmaker and have to make compromises.

The whole film is slightly wacky which some people won’t like, but if you just go with it you really get caught up in the story.

There is so much of this film that I have left out but the film is so intricate that this review would be miles long if I were to talk about all of it.

I have no hesitation in giving the film a 10/10, and that’s a very big deal ’cause I’m picky with my movies. I urge everyone to see it, it’s captivating, visually beautiful and a really heart-warming story.


As per usual, here is the trailer:


” We are the ones who dwell within.”


Sorry this ain’t a Star Wars review, I haven’t seen it yet (cry). But last blog post before the new year and I hope you enjoy!

Today’s film is a horror from 2005 and it is called:

The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose

(Directed by Scott Derrickson)

I literally haven’t slept properly since watching this film, it’s that scary. I’ll admit, I’m scared of most things but this was in a league of its own.

I’ve been working on a horror film for uni and this was part of my research and damn did it teach me a lot about making horror.

The Narrative

Basicallllyyyyy the film starts in a bleak farm where a young girl called Emily Rose has just died after an exorcism. The priest, Father Richard Moore, who performed the exorcism is then arrested and charged with negligent homicide.

Enter Erin Bruner who is his (very confident and slightly sassy) lawyer, given to Moore by the archdiocese to negotiate a quiet guilty plea deal which is to be kept out of the public eye. Father Moore insists on pleading innocent and insists that he must tell his story, for Emily. The only heartwarming aspect of the film. 

So a court case begins, and Erin fights prosecutor Ethan Thomas (the arrogant A-hole)  who believes Father Moore is guilty. Thomas claims that Emily-Rose has epilepsy and psychosis and backs this up with testimonials form doctors. Meanwhile Erin frantically searches for witnesses to testify that Emily’s death was due to demonic possession.

Throughout the court case we see flashbacks to Emily’s possession and the lead up to her death. Now these are the bits that scare you senseless. She is attacked at night where her body convulses uncontrollably (nearly made me cry), the demons within her won’t let her eat so she becomes weak and peoples faces morph into pictures of evil.

After a failed, highly violent and terrifying exorcism, Emily weakens so much because of the demons within her that her body shuts down and she dies.

As the court case goes on, both Erin and Father Moore begin to feel a darkness creeping into their lives and they must fight it off whilst fighting for Moore’s freedom. Spooky. 

The Acting:

Laura Linney plays Erun Bruner. Her performance is decent but a little too Jodie Foster for my liking. But she plays the role of a confident lawyer well, just not shamazingly.

Then we have Father Moore played by Tom Willinson. His haunted and wounded portrayal is pretty good; a little melodramatic at times due to the writing, but a good performance overall.

The real star is Emily Rose herself played by Jennifer Carpenter (Deb from Dexter if you’ve watched it). I have never seen a more haunting character in my life. Without any special effects or prosthetics she had the hair up on the back of my neck when she’s being possessed. Honestly she’s awesome. She can go from a timid, extremely scared 19 year old to the devil in the click of a finger and boy does it shock you!


Music can make or break a film sometimes and it certainly makes it in this. Sometimes it’s so subtle that you barely notice it which is when it’s best. Then at times there’s a dramatic score which really adds to the visuals.

Most special effects in the film are on point, you have to forgive and look past it’s slightly dated look though.


Was hooked on this film from start to end! Great narrative and is a true story! Makes it 10x scarier. It isn’t over dramatic or gorey like some horrors and just plays on messing with your mind. It has a major OMG factor. 

The only negatives that I would mention is there’s maybe too much of the court room and we want to see more of Emily. Some parts in the court are truly gripping, but some bits could have been cut easily. Also her family in it play a family in mourning so well but we don’t see enough of them!  

The film is a brilliant piece of horror, it chills you down to the spine. It’s full of suspense and scares. Defo watch it if you’ve got some spare time. A solid and very good 8/10.


Here’s the trailer to get you a little scared already: